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Award winning Mama Raps BBQ sauce, our top 20 selling garlic jelly- the very first product of the garlic shoppe, our newest item aioli- euoropean style mayonnaise with garlic, mama raps steak sauce which can become a traditional garlic bordelaise sauce just by reducing in a sauce pan and world famous Chopped Gilroy Garlic fill this shrink wrapped giftbasket with a handmade bow. A perfect gift for someone who likes to cook and could use Mama Rap's unique and unusual essentials in their kitchen. Order a set for yourself too. Great Gifts for kids just moving out on their own or people moving into a first home.

Essential Cooking Sauces From Our own recipes of Mama Raps
Essential Cooking Sauces From Our own recipes of Mama Raps
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Mama Rap's brand of the Garlic Dudes Essential Cooking Sauces

Christopher Ranch 32 oz Chopped Garlic $9.98 Garlic Dude BBQ Sauce $6.98 Garlic Bordelaise Steak Sauce $4.98 Garlic Jelly $9.98 Garlic & Horseradish Sauce $3.98 Garlic Aioli $7.98

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